Friday, June 23, 2006

Reinventing The Wheel

Ok, so I don't exactly need to reinvent the wheel, but I do need a replacement, which should be arriving via UPS next-day service tomorrow (Saturday). Wow. So yesterday I got my wheel trued (it was a bit out of alignment), but the spokes were tightened too much, causing my wheel to warp like no other as I rode today. After hitting a small rock in the road, my wheel warped so badly that it was jolting the seat forward twice per each revolution. Annoying? Yes. Managed to ride about 5 more miles in that condition, but when I stopped to look at the map, I was unable to get back on due to wheel condition. I hauled the beast on my shoulders about a half-mile before someone stopped to pick me up and give me a ride to the bike shop down the road. One glance at it and the mechanics knew that the wheel was shot. Dead. Kapoot. Sadness ensued, though at least I still rode 47 miles today. This wheel has taken me almost 2000 miles and now must be replaced. Booo.

Thankfully, offered to donate an upgraded wheel for me to use: stronger, and about half the weight. Perfect timing? Yes; tomorrow I begin climbing into the Rockies, and the day after, I will be ascending Hoosier Pass (highest point on the Transamerica Route). The owners of has been so wonderful in working with me (even while they're are on vacation!!) and accommodating my needs to get me a wheel asap. Truly amazing.

Tomorrow Marritt will fly home and my daddy will fly in for the "changing of the guard." Yay for altitude! Yay for mountains! Yay for a new (3-liter!) water bottle!

one wheel for One.

Richard and Kathie Sethman of Colorado Springs, CO
REI in Colorado Springs, CO
Great Divide Bike Shop in Pueblo, CO
Otero Cyclery in Canon City, CO

Click here to donate online. For additional donation info, please see the initial post, "Up and Rolling."

Coker unicycle product info.


uncle richard said...

Gracie: I just recieved the postcard of you and Kim under the Richard City Cafe sign,quite cool.Keep it up, your and inspiration to us all.Have fun with your dad and don't wear him out to much.
Uncle Richard

Lars Clausen said...

Gracie, you're amazing. I remember those hot days where the tailwind perfectly matched my speed. It was furnace. But you are the woman of steel. Keep on rolling with your new wheel, right up over those mountains.

Continuing care and good wishes,
Lars Clause (

B-Ione said...


Just got your second post card...count it! But I was sad to learn you didn't enjoy my neck of the woods. Granted I'm not from Kansas, but Oklahoma is close enough. I am glad that you thought of me during your wonderful journey through the plain states! I know you are quite busy these days and taking a few moments to think of me really makes me feel special.

Good luck on your journey and have fun!!

Thinking of ya,

Broski said...

Hey Chiquita,

Good to hear that Dad will have a day or two to acclimate to the weather, even though you want to be rolling along. We just got back from Nica. Talk to you soon.

Shiloh (and Sam) said...

Congratulations to both you and Marritt for not only enduring the trip, but the state of Kansas as well. Best wishes on your future endevors from Dick at the Ly-Kan in Lyons, KS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gracie -
I'm Steveyo from the forums. At my Albany, NY Ultimate (disc) last night I ran into Al, who'd just finished a West-to-East cross-country. He saw my Bedford Unicycles shirt and we talked about unis and he said he'd met you in a park in Eureka, KS.

I thought that was cool.

Anyway, congrats again.

Steve Relles

Anonymous said...

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