Friday, June 30, 2006

Grand Lake, CO

No pictures this time around, inconveniently at a time when i would probably have the best pictures to post. That's what happens when you have a memory that exists only in the form of a hand-written to-do list, and when "pick up the camera off the park bench before riding 20 more miles" is not on that list. Let's just say that I gave myself quite a scare while trying to process the fact that I lost all my pictures from the trip. Thanks to a few kind souls and many more phone calls, my camera is safe and sound and will be shipped ahead on my route, courtesy of Arnie & Shelley Henden.

In other news, my daddy and my new wheel arrived, and I promptly spray-painted the latter fluorescent green, re-attached the pieces of flare, bent my frame/fork to fit the wide hub without breaking any welds. Been cruising right along. It's a wondrous thing and I definitely noticed the lighter weight as I ascended the Rockies. Only three days so far have my toes gone numb from the morning cold, but it's bearable. Nothing I'm not used to from all-night gallivanting episodes.

The scent of pine was a welcome replacement to the scent of roadkill as I pedaled up thousands of feet elevation gain. Went over Hoosier Pass (11,542') and only stopped once (for a photo-op) on the way up the 4th highest, 2nd steepest pass in Colorado. The Appalachians adequately prepared me for the surprisingly gentle Rocky Mountains. I am all smiles cruising through this state, absorbing as much of the scenery as I can and enjoying quality time with Daddy. When it comes to the amount of joy I am experiencing, I can't put it into words, so I won't even try. I just can't stop smiling, and can't stop thanking Jesus for this awesome creation.

Spending today in Grand Lake, where I worked as a wrangler last summer. Friends, familiar faces, horses, ice cream, and maybe some bowling? Not too bad. ;)

Carpe Diem.

Channel 9 News, Colorado

Arnie & Shellie Henden of Frisco, CO
Sheryl who picked up the camera, of Denver, CO

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ab said...

hey barefoot woman,
this is by far the best soundtrack of any news footage in the history of the whirled. keep turnin' heads.

mekeef said...

Wow!Keep on wheelin...watched you and your dad close out the Channel 3 News last night. How is dad doing on his part of the trek? Your family has inspired me, I think I want to start riding too, little laps around the pond on a two wheeler for starters and we will progress from there. Thank you for raising awareness and funds to save lives.

Shiloh said...

Keep it up, Goobs!

Cam said...

Attagirl! Keep on riding and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I just helped your mom and sister today!! I hope you are doing great itsounds like it is going well! I miss you and hope to see you soon-


Anonymous said...

k, so I just watched you on the news and started crying hahahahahah oh I love you

Anonymous said...

Saw the spot about your venture on our Channel 9 News back on 6/29. It continues to amaze me that you're doing this on a uni.My 18 y.o. dtr rides one (for fun!) as she's not content with the ordinary.Biking is my dearest passion and can't imagine having to peddle downhill--gave me a new appreciation for good old road touring.I'm most impressed though you're doing this unselfishly for a cause(just reconnected with a good friend last night who's been diagnosed with lymphoma and plan to pass this website on to her).I'm definitely going to support your cause and will keep you in my prayers,Gracie.
God be with you.
Carol (Franktown)