Thursday, June 15, 2006

For All My Fellow Nerds...

Just a few simultaneous equations for some mathematical fun. This is the best I can do to portray my day today:

w = 10x
z = 1
x = y
y = 5z
t = 17y

t = total mileage today
w = estimated wind speed, perpendicular to riding direction
x = # of hours of sleep we got last night
y = # of times I was blown off the road (still maintained balance)
z = # of times I was blown off my unicycle (and will have a scar to prove it)

At least the wind kept things a little cooler, honed my balancing skills, and forced me to learn to ride while leaning sideways, keeping my mind somewhat distracted from the saddle sores that often shoot excruciating pain down my legs. Forget that silly talk about Kansas potentially being my favorite state. Apologies, Kansans.

[t=85, w=50, x=5, y=5]


Mom said...

Sounds like those are some tough winds! Praying for you, Baby, and we're so proud of you! And Marritt, thanks for being there, hope you're having as much fun as I had.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I also love equations. What I love more in this case is that you can still think them up and do them, i.e. your head is fine even though you were blown off the road. My best wishes for a tailwind to get the open plains behind you.
One of your Indy fans

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Klingon (Klaus) said...



You need 2-3 cannon balls on the starboard rail. Works like a charm. Let us know

Anonymous said...

i met of a friend of yours and she told me what you are doing. so, i checked this out. you're awesome! keep up the good work! my best friend's father recently passed away from multiple myeloma so, this touches my heart even more.

Anonymous said...

Gracie - just checking in from LLS. You are doing an amazing job for us and we are always impressed with your Web site entries!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!


Trendyzworld said...

So where are you at now? I just got an email from Jezebel about you being in Colorado. I see your last entry is 6/15.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gracie.

I rode across last year and one of my ideas was to ride back on a Unicycle. Congrats and keep up the good ride. The blog is good and it is a treat to share.


trainjumper said...

You are in Colorado- that makes me so happy for you to be in my home state. This is redundant but good job and keep pedallin! I was the dude that gave you a twinkie outside golden city when you and marritt where on your way to pittsburg, kansas. Well, Leigh (the brit I was with) and I felt pretty small after we saw you for having two wheels and being able to coast... Good work, it was a pleasure meeting you. I made it to my destination (chattanooga) yesterday and the dudes over at suck creek bike shop were shocked that I had seen you over a week ago heading out of missouri already. Keep it up!

Chris Payne

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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