Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Memphis, or shall I say, Graceland

A few pictures capturing my time in Memphis...

My mom finishes her last day of the journey to Memphis

Marritt comes to bike along, Emily plays hostess

Outside the FedExForum, where the Memphis Grizzlies play, and where Emily works.

A giant catfish sandwich, after eating fried pickles: yes, they do exist, and are quite tasty!

Graceland. 'Nuff said.

BBQ with the Memphis Unicycle Club. Thanks Tommy & crew, I had a great time!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gracie, I can see from the pics that you're eating well. You mentioned deep fried pickled doughnuts. I guess they're ok, but don't pass up freshly squeezed Armadillo! Especially if it's “18 Wheeler Pressed.” Famous chefs say that it's something about the warm pavement, and the flavor left by the Valvoline tinged essence of Firestone tires...

Dang, that's making me hungry!

Leon in Vero Beach, FL

Klingon (Klaus) said...

Look, she's wearing pears! Classy with a C!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gracie
We are wondering where do you stay at night?
Are you riding alone ever?
Oh Yeah and since we are at REI...Are you a member
pink flower sparkle

Rosco said...

Hi there...I just came across your blog by googling unicycle across america. I was super excited to find that you are doing this trip! My brother and I are planning our trip for next summer, and it's encouraging to find another crazy soul in the world! I will stay posted on your progress and try to keep you stoked throughout the trip. All the best and God bless!

From the shores of Japan,

rhondajo said...

Gracie, thanks for all the pics along the way. Lots of love and prayers. Aunt Rhonda

Uncle Richard said...

Gracie: We keep missing each other on the phone.Robin and I had dinner with your family the other night,I heard all the stories from you Kim. Amazing! I'm glad Marritt was able to join you. We think about you all the time. Take care Uncle Richard

Anonymous said...

Hey BUGE!!!
I got your postcard the other day. you look so pretty in your big yellow helmet. good safety! i am glad that you are still alive and that you are more comfortable on your seat. however i noticed there is no scale of your buge comfortability. hope you are taking care of them as well. miss you and keep on keepin on! love ya, baby buger

Anonymous said...

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