Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Up and Rolling

The new Coker unicycle arrived and the new air seat has been assembled. This beast of a unicycle is super-fast. And super-fun. Still working on the whole "getting on" factor. Coker Tire Co. has sponsored me for the trip and provided me with the "Big One" unicycle which has a 36" wheel. Oh, and please pardon the ridiculous socks in the picture. Although some of you would expect nothing less of me, it was St. Patrick's day after all...

More importantly, however, I am riding to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My uncle, Richard Pleau, has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a potent plasma cell cancer. Through this personal experience, I have become aware of the LLS and its efforts to save the lives of so many cancer patients. I hope you will take the opportunity to join me in this endeavor by donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, helping me surpass my goal of $5,000. To contribute to the cause:

Click here to donate online.


please send donations to:

Unicycle for LLS
c/o Gracie Sorbello
2831 Seine Ave.
Davis, CA 95616
[checks made out to Gracie Sorbello with "Unicycle for LLS" in the memo line]

I plan to leave after I finish my finals, probably May 6, 2006, at which point I'll begin my journey westward... I might even stop by Duke to get my diploma along the way. ;) I'll be updating this during the adventure whenever I can, so check back for progress, but until early May, don't expect much.

Click here to find an adventure info page that's great for distribution, etc.

Carpe Diem...