Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Onward from Durham, NC

After graduating from Duke this weekend, and spending a few days to frantically pack my life into duffel bags, I will leave Durham this afternoon heading west, west, and further west. A week of family time does a body good, as does a newly-modified unicycle seat. Thanks to the input of Lars Clausen and Keith Cash, one-wheelers who have done the coast-to-coast gig, I was able to put together an amazingly comfortable seat; the phrase "I feel your pain" had returned to its literal meaning.

Thank you to every person who has contacted me about the trip and offered encouragement and support. It means so much to know that there's a community following up with me and helping me along the way, locally and remotely. Thanks also to my friends Ashley Coll and Kaitlin Hancock for the most wonderful shoes in the world. I got the white pirate print. Go figure. ;)

Carpe Diem.

WWAY NewsChannel 3, Wilmington, NC
WECT NewsChannel 6, Wilmington, NC
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Anonymous said...

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