Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jamestown, NC

A wonderful two days have brought me to Jamestown, a small town near Greensboro, NC. It is an amazing thing to ride without pain. Wow. Even when starting my ride at 3pm yesterday, I was able to log just about 40 miles yesterday because the miles flew by now that I'm not focusing on how much pain I'm in. Katherine Rinaldi met me in Chapel Hill and welcomed me into her abode where she fed me several quesadillas before riding a bit with me on her bike. Simply scrumptious. Yesterday evening was magical, complete with bluegrass playing in the distance while I cycled through the countryside, a goat farm, lakes, an amazing sunset, taking time to make a daisy chain, and more roadkill. Simply smiles. When I arrived at Snow Camp, NC, Kath and Christy Morgan called me with three questions: (A)Could I use some company? (B)Do I need ice cream? and (C)Is there any way they can talk me out of doing this trip. The answers, quite clearly, were yes, yes, and NO. Needless to say, they hunted me down in the dark, driving a ways just to bring me ice cream and company. Simply supreme. Kath even let me sleep at her house and drove me all the way back in the morning to where I had ridden!

Today I utilized my new solar-powered ipod charger to "rock and roll," as it were (courtesy of Matt Burney... and it doubles as a cell-out phone charger too!). It helped the miles pass; I was getting kinda bored, and a soundtrack to life is nice sometimes. Most of today I rode into a strong to quite strong headwind which brought me a friendly thunderstorm to cycle through this afternoon. Pat Cochran, a kind librarian here in Jamestown provided a hot meal, a hot shower, and a warm bed for me tonight, to my pleasant surprise, eliminating the need to utilize my blonde hair and eyelashes to bamboozle a free hotel room.

Tasks accomplished while riding:
(1)sorting out and deleting all old pix on digital camera
(2)reading a book
(3)getting a map out of my backpack and figuring out where I'm going
(4)wrapping a headlamp around my seatpost
(5)taking off backpack and removing raincoat, attaching jacket to backpack and putting it back on my shoulders
(6)chatting and text-messaging on cell phone.
ain't it great to have no need for handle bars?

Hooray for salty skin, tan lines, and double cheeseburgers.
Carpe Diem.

WWAY NewsChannel 3, Wilmington, NC
WECT NewsChannel 6, Wilmington, NC
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Mom said...

Nothing like the hairy eyeball to gain favor(s). An extra benefit to being blonde, cute and girl! ;)
Hooray for 12" bike tubes! woo hoo

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see you yesterday, in climax! What an inspiration you are! It is my prayer that God will protect you and give you strength on your journey, and he will provide all your needs along the way!
Matthew chapter 6:25-34!

God Bless!

Shiloh said...

Good to hear you got your seat issues worked out. And good job with the update!

Frogmom said...

We are so proud of you! I just found your blog (I know I am behind) and I am so excited about it. Please know that we send you our best wishes and prayers for continued safe riding.
Your Indy fans

Auntie Robin said...

Congratulations on all of your progress so far! It's good to hear of all the support you've gotten along the way. And since you just graduated from Duke University(!) and are winding your way through the US textmessaging and multitasking(!), remember the most important advice given in one graduation speech: wear sunblock. :)

Anonymous said...

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